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  • Therapeutic Equine Assisted Services

  • Equine-Assisted Learning

  • Equine Facilitated Mental Health and Learning

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Our Mission: to enhance people's quality of life by fostering connections between horses and people in a Christ-centered, loving environment. 

What We Offer:

  • Affordable therapeutic equine assisted activities to achieve physical, social, and emotional goals.


  • Weekly group or private lessons,  group classes, workshops and summer programs.


  •  Workshops focused on leadership skills, relationship skills, self-confidence and self-awareness.


  • Basic horsemanship skill instruction including groundwork, team building activities, grooming activities, and a riding component. 

“This year was my first experience volunteering with the Faithful Hearts team. Although I was nervous, they made sure to make everyone feel comfortable and ready to help, no matter what experience level you were. I always felt comfortable asking questions even though I was a leader. I can definitely say that every type of student is welcome, no matter what challenges they have yet to overcome, making sure each child is supported and taken care of. And in the arena, they are captivating, motivational, and fun. Without ever disregarding the safety of the kids and horses. This was overall a truly fantastic experience."

~Rachel, Junior Volunteer



  • Help participants learn and use social, emotional, physical and relationship skills along with Fruit of the Spirit virtues in horsemanship activities.

  • Apply skills and virtues in relating to others, relating to horses, and to horse training.

  • Build physical, social and emotional confidence through horsemanship skills and activities.



  •  Improved quality of life through participation in our program


  • Solace from the burdens and stresses of everyday life.

  • Form trusting connections in a loving environment.

  • Safely experience the joys and benefits of working with equines..

  • Learn to observe the horse’s body language, interpret it, and assess how to respond.



We strive to provide affordable, quality services in a variety of settings. We especially focus on providing services for therapeutic and mental health and learning clients and providing quality educational programs to develop leadership and relational skills. We evaluate each client's needs and abilities to design a program to help them meet their full potential. Our program is designed to help students take the principles they learn in equine-assisted sessions and apply those to other areas of life in a positive way. 


Leadership and Teambuilding Workshops

Workshops are available for all levels of experience with equine learning.


Private or Group Weekly Lesson

Get one-on-one, customized instruction, or learn dynamically in a group setting.

Upcoming Events

Clients: Join Us for the Fall Skills Show! Sponsors Wanted!












If you are currently a client or are a past client, join us for this fun opportunity to showcase your skill on September 23 at 10 a.m. We are currently looking for sponsors for this event. We will feature your banner in the arena the day of the show. Please contact Holly or Stephanie for details!


Give Your Favorite Equine a Staycation!







Our equines had an amazing spring and summer break.   Our next break is October 16-20. We need $4089 to complete the rest of these important breaks for the year. See donate page for details. 


We will be closed for Labor Day, Sept 4. If you were scheduled for lessons this day, please contact Stephanie for make up schedule.



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Therapeutic Sessions

Sessions tailored to accommodate specific therapeutic goals.  

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Equine Mental Health and Learning Services

An experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills for improving and enhancing the participant’s mental, emotional and social functioning for educational, professional, and personal goals.

We are a non-profit, 501c3

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