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We have many volunteer opportunities! We have volunteer positions available for horse leaders, sidewalkers, barn chores, tack cleaning, excavating, dirt work, and much more. All volunteers over 18 will be required to undergo a background check. Contact us for more information.


Volunteering with Faithful Hearts has actually filled my heart. The experience of working with beautiful
horses and children well, it doesn’t get much better than that. Developing a relationship with these
amazing animals does more for me than them.Take it from me and go “Hug a Horse” it is the best therapy one can imagine. --Linda Z., Volunteer

Volunteering at FaithfulHearts has been such a blessing. I began volunteering shortly after FaithfulHearts
began offering lessons. I had always been interested in horses, but never had had an opportunity to be
around them. This was a perfect learning opportunity for me. Little did I know that the greatest
blessing would be the experience of being with the kids who were taking lessons. I have learned so
much by just being around these kids and watching them. I have seen them grow physically,
emotionally, mentally, and have seen them gain confidence. --Estelle E. , Volunteer

I started volunteering with FaithfulHearts last spring, when a friend gave me a brochure. I have always liked horses - from afar - but didn’t really know anything about them. I am active in my church and in accompanying a few school choirs, but I was looking for someplace to volunteer that would teach me new skills and give me new experiences. I thought “what could be better than the combination of working with kids and horses?” Little did I know how fulfilling volunteering at FaithfulHearts would be and how much I would learn (and am still learning)! I went from knowing nothing about horses to being able to groom, tack, muck, clean tack, be a horse leader, and even ride. I love getting to know the students and seeing them grow in confidence, strength and skill. I also enjoy working with each of the horses and learning about their unique personalities. Being here, whether I’m helping with students or yes, even mucking stalls, just fills up my heart. FaithfulHearts is definitely my “happy place!”

--Sheryl C., volunteer

Faithful Hearts has not only given me the opportunity and purpose I was hoping for but, brought me closer to the wonder, joy and magic a horse can bring to our soul and to our kids!
And…that is why you will see me at the stables almost everyday. --Vicki J., volunteer

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